A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for IGMC 2018

Animus Strife is a prototype 2D Action RPG set in a world of magic and technology. 

In Animus Strife you play as Rhys, a boy of teenage years living in Mozelsk. You are a talented magic user. In Animus strife you collect powerful new spells and attacks. Complete interesting puzzles. Explore caves, towns, forests and haunted mansions. Discover exotic places and strange new creatures. Fight beasts forged by magic, and a man in a machine forged by madness.*

*Work in Progress


•Fully animated main character.

• Inspired by SNES classics such as Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana

• Action RPG gameplay.

• Action driven combat.

• 4 Unique Monsters

• 1 Unique Boss

• 5 Unique Tilesets

• Collect 4 spells, in addition to new armor and attacks.

• Complete a dozen different puzzles.

• Over 1 hour of gameplay

• Dozens of NPCs you can interact with.

• Read dozens of books.

• 9 Original musical compositions

• Dozens of unique sound effects

• 6 enormous areas to explore including: One large town, Three Wilderness areas, One Haunted Mansion and a large cave!

• Chickens will cluck when you approach


The story begins with the main character Rhys having a conversation with his family.  He perform some errands that teach the player basic mechanics such as walking/completing quests/buying/speaking with NPCs, he heads home and goes to bed.

Rhys is suddenly woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a loud scream, only for his house to collapse underneath him.  Surviving due to clinging to his bed, he quickly grabs his father’s blade hanging from a wall and runs outside. The town is overrun with strange mole creatures hoarding everything and tearing the town apart.  The player is then taught combat by running around and fighting various mole creatures.

After failing to find his parents (or finding their bodies) Rhys flees the town which has been overrun to the point of decimation and collapses outside.  

/:Controls & Instructions:\


Movement: WASD/Arrow Keys

Main Melee Attack: Mouse button 1, or Left Ctrl

Main Magic Attack: Mouse button 2, or Left Alt

Action Button: "E" Key

The action button opens chests, activates conversations with NPCs and reads books. Press E again to end conversations. It also selects options in the main menu.

Pause button: "P" Key

Quit: "Escape" Key

Mouse pointer: Menu navigation

Menu Selection: W/S keys

Change Spell: Middle mouse wheel and "[" and "]" changes spells

You can also change key bindings on start up if your have your own preference.


• Pixel Artists:

• Brennan Malley

• Seth "Gogeta2222" Sustar

•Gabe "Vegito9000" Sustar

• Bahototh

• Story

• Brennan Malley

• Delsin7

• Level Design

• Delsin7

• Logo Design

• Ryan Soulard

• Music and Sound Effects

• Morningthaw

• Programmer

•Jefferson "Wolfhound" Fraser

• Special Thanks

• Lady Elva

• Akryllax

Install instructions

1. Download rar or zip.

2. Extract files.

3. Plays best on resolutions 1024x768 or higher.

4. Review input for controls if you haven't already.

5.  Start Animus Strife.exe (WARNING: Sometimes antivirus pops up)

6. Works best full screen, windowed also works well.

7. Enjoy!


AnimusStrife A0.06c.zip 55 MB
AnimusStrife A0.06cMAC.app.zip 57 MB
AnimusStrife A0.06cLinux.zip 55 MB

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